Personal Trainer Sarah

For more than twenty years my ambition for health and fitness has grown. It’s not only something I practice daily, but also something I love to share with those around me. Over the past 17 years, I have been a boy mom of two great kids. When the boys were little, we would meet up with other mothers and their kids at the local track where I would lead small fitness groups. This really inspired me to pursue my love of wellness coaching as a career, but I took a few detours along the way…. I tried out various career paths that ranged anywhere from administrative assistant to being a wildland firefighter.

No matter what job I was in at the time, I always gravitated back to the desire of leading people to their highest state of well-being. It became clear, nothing is more gratifying to me than watching individuals blossom into the best version of themselves, both mentally and physically. The beginning of 2021 I jumped in with both feet and began working on several different certificates and specializations so I would be able to start a small business allowing me to finally follow my passion of developing well-rounded programs for individuals, yielding success in helping people reach their health/wellness goals.

For more information on what I can do to help you reach your goals please check out my website at Or call me at 541-233-3345